Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Furnished Apartments in Brazil

What type of furnished housing do you offer?

Avenida Suites Brazil provides fully furnished apartments in the most prominent and influential business districts within Brazil.  All apartments come complete with everything you need to call home including all utilities, cable and internet, laundry facilities, parking, security etc.

What makes your furnished apartments different from flats in Sao Paulo?

Our furnished apartments, also known as corporate apartments,serviced apartments, and corporate housing, are all individual apartments located in residential buildings.  Serviced flats in Sao Paulo are typically located in older buildings that were built several years ago and lack modern amenities, are usually very small, and do not typically have space for washing machines, dryers, or even queen or king size beds.  Our furnished apartments in Sao Paulo are typically twice the size of hotel rooms and serviced flats, and many times cost up to 50% less than similarly equipped hotel accommodations. You get the comfort and convenience of a home in a residential setting, which may include your own private parking spot, private mailbox and neighbors that don’t come and go on a daily basis.

What is included in your pricing?

Our prices are quoted complete.  Most flats or other apartments you will find quotes for may not include items such as internet service, parking, electric, condominium fees, service taxes etc.  When obtaining quotes from other companies, please be sure to compare all items as many quotes will have unexpected hidden charges are may not include a complete all-inclusive package.  At Avenida Suites Brazil, you can rest assured that your furnished apartment quote will include everything you need and will NEVER have hidden charges.

What kind of selection will you provide when I submit a request for an apartment?

We specialize in matching as many of your needs as possible while staying within your budget range. We have many different furnished apartments available; each has its own unique interior design and decor. Most of our apartments are 1-3 bedrooms, but if larger apartments are desired or you need a furnished home, we will utilize our many contacts to locate something that suits your needs.

Are office/computer desks available if I need space to work from home?

Yes, many of our apartments include a small space for your computer, but if you need extra space or more desk, we can provide for you.

Do you have baby cribs and amenities for children?

We do not provide baby cribs in our apartments but we can arrange for one if you need it.  Many of our apartment buildings have play areas both indoors and outdoors for children.

Do you have grocery or cleaning services?

Yes we provide cleaning services once per week included in the price of each of our apartments.  Most apartments have grocery stores located within a short walk or drive, but we don not provide shopping services.  However, if this is something you desire, we can help to arrange for you.

How much are phone or internet services?

We provide high-speed wire-less internet service free of charge to our guests. We can also provide local phone service, but in Brazil, there are always extra charges from different types of phone calls.  The basic phone service will be included in the price, but any extra charges will be passed through to the guest.  Since phone bills come once per month, charges for calls may come after you have already left, but charges will be provided in an itemized list for you.

Do you provide security services?

Many of our locations have controlled entry into the communities and some include security officers who patrol the premises..

Do you offer daily or weekly rates if I want to stay less than 30 days?

No we typically do not, but can make special arrangements should we have availability.  Our typical stay requirement is a minimum of 30 days, with most guests staying for 3 – 4 months or longer.

Have more questions?

Please contact us at or complete our reservation request form.