Rio Furnished Apartments

Main Neighborhoods where you will find Rio furnished apartments

Below are descriptions that will help you decide which neighborhood to chose when submitting the reservation request form for Rio furnished apartments.

Rio de Janeiro is normally divided into three zones: North (Zona Norte) from a few blocks north of Avenida Presidente Vargas all the way to the city limits. Corporate apartments in Rio are generally not found in this area of the city. Center (Centro), usually defined as the downtown area, and South (Zona Sul), the beach neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leme, Lagoa, and São Conrado, where you will find most of our Rio furnished apartments and Rio corporate housing.


While there are very few residential areas in Centro, is is worth pointing out that this is the center of the city and contains most of the city’s notable churches, squares, monuments, and museums, as well as the modern office towers where most business is conducted. Centro stretches from the Morro de São Bento in the north to the seaside Monument to the Dead of World War II in the south, and from Praça XV on the waterfront east more or less to the Sambodromo. It’s a compact, walkable area; crossing from one side of downtown to the other on foot takes no more than 45 minutes. Centro is mostly a business district but there are a couple of residential neighborhoods worth noting such as Santa Teresa, Gloria, Catete and Flamengo. Some corporate and serviced apartments are located in these neighborhoods, but is not generally an area of concentration for our Rio furnished apartments.

Zona Sul (South Zone)

Here is where you will find mostly residential neighborhoods and is where most business travelers and expatriates prefer to live. This area comprises the beautiful beach areas of Ipanema and Copacabana. Rental prices are extremely high in this area but worth the price as anywhere in these neighborhoods you are either right on the beach or minutes from it. There are several options here for corporate apartments, but most real estate in this area is of the older version so may be small as compared to what you will find in newer area of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio.


Beach! This single word says it all. Four kilometers (2 1/2 miles) of long and bright white sand, Copacabana beach is the stage upon which people swim, surf, jog, preen, make sand castles, sunbathe, and play volleyball. The broad and beautifully landscaped Avenida Atlântica runs along the beach’s entire length. Running parallel two streets inland, Nossa Senhora de Copacabana is the main shopping and commercial street.


The famous stretch of beach immortalized in Tom Jobim’s song “The Girl from Ipanema” nestles in between Copacabana, Leblon, and Lagoa. Very narrow (only 8 blocks wide in some areas), it is one of the most coveted residential neighborhoods in all of Rio. There are very few landmark buildings and most apartments are nondescript with some even ugly on the outside. What Ipanema does offer is great shopping, an excellent nightlife, some terrific restaurants, and of course, the beach. The black-and-white patterned sidewalks are always full of people every day of the week, but Sunday is the day to see and be seen when the beachside Avenida Vieira Souto is closed for traffic and flooded with people.


A smaller trendier version of Ipanema, Leblon sits directly to the east of Ipanema. The most significant difference between the two neighborhoods is the street names. The beachside avenue in Leblon is known as Avenida Delfim Moreira, while the main shopping street is Avenida General Martin. Most of the best restaurants cluster around the end of Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva where it meets Rua Dias Ferreira. This is a very popular location for expats and business travelers.


Lagoa’s main focus and the origin of the name is the the big lagoon that drains into the ocean between Ipanema and Leblon. For the majority of Cariocas, this is primarily a recreation area. They come to walk, cycle, skate, or run the 8.5km (5 1/4-mile) pathway that circles the lagoon. In the afternoon and evening, the neighborhood’s pleasures become more hedonistic as people come to the many waterside kiosks to grab a drink, have some food, or listen to live music.

Barra de Tijuca/Recreio

Located southwest of the main part of the city and the Brazilian envy of things American, Barra will be the focus of the 2016 Olympics. Though really part of Rio de Janeiro, Barra (as it’s usually called) looks and feels much like an American beach city. Streets are wide and most buildings and apartments are more modern, in both architecture and age as compared to the rest of Rio and especially Zonal Sul. This is one of the richest areas in the country and along the beach, which stretches for more than 18 KM, you will find most of the city’s celebrities in massive modern penthouse apartments.

Recreio is also connected to Barra and is where most of the newest apartment buildings are located as well as expansive, modern planned neighborhoods with huge houses and great recreational facilities much like those in the United States. Here you will find the larger more modern corporate apartments, although if you work in Centro, traffic congestion is definitely something to take into consideration, which, after 2014, should be considerably eased due to the massive expansion of the subway system that will rapidly deliver riders to the central part of Rio.