Sao Paulo Furnished Apartments

Main Neighborhoods where you will find Sao Paulo furnished apartments

Below are descriptions that will help you decide which neighborhood to chose when submitting the reservation request form for your Sao Paulo furnished apartments.

Avenida Paulista / Jardins

The area known as Jardins (gardens) is actually a combination of a number of neighborhoods such as Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulista, and Jardim America that extend southwest from the towers and offices that line the famous Avenida Paulista.  The Rua Augusta, which runs through the heart of the Jardins, now has many hotels and some of the best restaurants in the city. Where Rua Augusta meets Rua Oscar Freire is the prime shopping area in São Paulo, with shops that sell all the world’s most luxurious brands.  Avenida Paulista is home to several of the areas leading banks and the heart of the financial district. Sao Paulo furnished apartments in and around the Jardins neighborhoods tend to be on the upper end of the scale.

Itaim / Vila Olimpia
This is one of the city’s fastest growing regions and is host to several multinational businesses. There is a large concentration of commercial buildings, numerous restaurants, bars, and entertainment options.  Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, a major avenue that runs through the heart of Itaim Bibi, hosts the Museu Casa Brasileira and the upscale mall, Shopping Iguatemi. This area is ideal for the individual or young professional willing to walk or take public transport to work and play, but not well suited for families or those preferring a little bit quieter living situation due to problems with traffic congestion, noise and pollution.  Sao Paulo furnished apartments rent in this area is extremely high due to its centralized location, fabulous restaurants, clubs and shopping malls.

Brooklin / Berrini
Located in the south of the city between Avenida Nacoes Unidas, Santo Amaro, Bandeirantes and Roque Petroni Junior, Brooklin is a middle to upper-middle class neighborhood. It is popular among the foreign community and has drawn a number of multinational businesses to the area along Avenida Berrini including the recent relocation of the Globo Television Network.  The region has good commercial infra-structure and contains ample green spaces, making it popular among pet owners. The area away from the main roads along the Pinheiros River are mostly residential, with a mixture of houses and newer apartment buildings. Access to the major road and public transportation networks is quite easy from anywhere in this area. Sao Paulo furnished apartments rent in this area range from mid to high level.

Ibirapuera / Vila Nova Conceição
There is actually not a neighborhood called Ibirapuera, but because Ibarapuera Park has such a dominating presence, many people refer to it as a reference point. The area, made up of several neighborhoods, is one of the most valued areas in the city, because of its park views and access. Much like the neighborhoods that surround Central Park in New York, Ibirapuera is also a trendy, more upscale and sophisticated neighborhood and is a very popular location for foreigners, mainly because of the park, but also due to the growth of the office space in nearby Itaim and Moema. Another advantage is the proximity to the domestic airport of Congonhas. This area tends to have heavy traffic and public transportation is not a readily available as in some other areas. Sao Paulo furnished apartments rent in this area range from mid to high level.

Moema / Campo Belo
Moema, much like Brooklin and Ibirapuera, is another favorite among the foreign community due to its ample green area and relatively quiet streets. This middle class neighborhood has good commercial infrastructure with lots of bars and restaurants.  Apartments in this area tend to be older and less expensive than Itaim Bibi or Jardins.  This area is a bit further from the major commercial districts but the area is generally less congested.  Depending on where in the neighborhood you are, noise from the airplanes coming in and out of Congonhas airport can be quite annoying,, but if located on the northern end of this area, you will not be bothered much at all. Sao Paulo furnished apartments rent in this area range from low to mid level.

Santo Amaro / Granja Julieta

The Santo Amaro neighborhood was once a large city by itself until the 1930s when it was engulfed by greater Sao Paulo.  Santo Amaro is now one of the city’s largest neighborhoods, at over 580 square kilometers. The region has its fair share of problems like any other area, but most are isolated to small pockets in poorer neighborhoods. It also has its high class regions, like Chacara Flora, with large mansions and foreign schools, including Chapel and the Swiss school.  The neighborhood’s commercial region is centered around Rua Verbo Divino and Alexandre Dumas and is home to a large concentration of bank headquarters and multinational companies. The higher class areas are popular for foreigners as this is the closest area to the best schools, including those already mentioned as well as Pueri Domus on Rua Verbo Divino.  We have many corporate apartments located in and around this area at very reasonable rates.

One of Sao Paulo’s best examples of social inequallity, Morumbi has a sharp contrast of extremely rich and extremely poor. It is not uncommon to witness large protected mansions surrounded by major slum areas (or favelas). This neighborhood is predominantly residential, but traffic across the Pinheiros River to the Brooklin/Berrini/Itaim areas of the city can be a problem especially during rush hours. The neighborhood’s two main parks, Alfredo Volpi and Burle Marx, provide an ample green space of over 280,000 square meters. Most of the region’s commerce is located along Av. Giovanni Gronchi, which is also where the American Graded school is located. This is a popular location for families because of the school, but one must be careful about the area due to crime from the slum areas. The region also houses the state government palace as well as the city’s top hospital, Albert Einstein. Sao Paulo furnished apartments rent in this area tend to be on the low to mid level.